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An interview with: Anna D. Invernizzi – The Alchemist of the Arts

Hi folks!

Here is the first of two amazing interviews I was privileged to be able to do over Beltane.  This marks the beginning of more regular interviews for The Wyldwood, so I hope you enjoy them!

This first interview is with Anna D. Invernizzi, a talented artist often combining Bindrunes into her work, she is also……

Spellcraft Tip: Being Your Intention

Once the intention is set and the ritual is done, how do we ensure that the spell is successful?

One aspect of spellcraft that is not discussed often enough is what……

On Animal Correspondences

In this first video in a long time, I examine elemental and directional animal correspondences in magical traditions and how the mainstream options may not be right for everyone.

Although the focus here……

Book Review: Of Chalk and Flint

Poem: Solstice

Written for the Summer Solstice 2013

Poem: The Forest, My Father

Written in 2013 and dedicated to the Chiltern hills around Wendover.

The Forest is my father,
All bark and antler and vines.
Eyebrows of Moss, Dew ponds for eyes.
With Clematis beard and the voices of birds.
He provides food from the seed and the herd.

The Earth my mother,
With green bosom and brown,
As the seasons pass, she takes……

The Importance of Critical Thinking in Magical and Spiritual Traditions

Some sources will outline a list of essential tools including a wand, a knife, sword, staff, pentacle and robes. The list varies from tradition to tradition, book to book and practitioner to practitioner and while these tools can certainly be helpful in focusing the mind and energy in ritual work, none of them are strictly……

Interview: Osi and the Jupiter

This interview is between Krista Gale on behalf of Wyldwood and Sean Kratz from Osi and the Jupiter in April 2021

Familiars: Snake

The Nature of Deity

Where do deities come from? Are they beings from another world or a higher vibrational dimension? Are they conscious aspects of nature or perhaps mankind’s attempt to personify the forces of nature? Perhaps they are all of these things.

Is the belief in a deity a surrender to blind faith or is it an expression of……