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Published by Herne on December 12, 2019

The Wyldwood is ever changing, growing, forming new paths and sacred spaces. This new website brings new life to some old parts of the Wyldwood and brings in new and exciting features.

The Sound of the Wyldwood

Not only do we have a brand new website, we have a brand new schedule AND we have new playlists too!

A few months ago, Rene and I began work on trying to create the sound that Wyldwood Radio was always meant to have. It wasn’t meant to be a folk station, nor was it meant to be a place that muddled all manner of genres in together. We have been creating new playlists througout the week which feature many of your favourite artists, more often, so rather than having to wait for hours to hear something you might enjoy among the rest of the music, you’ll know what day and time you can listen in to hear the bands that you love. The Wyldwood Radio Playlist which has run throughout the day for nearly 9 years has changed to reflect the sound I intended for Wyldwood Radio in the first place, and we will now be vigilant to the shows we produce so that we maintain the atmosphere we intend.

Our full list of playlists along with their times and days can be found on our schedule.

The Wyldwood Grimoire

Since the very beginning of this project, a small station known as Grove Radio, I have wanted not just to share the music I love with you, but also some of the stories about my Pagan path and some of the amazing things I have learned along the way. I have tried this several times, as articles, as an attempt at making a working forum, as a facebook group and as an online community. While these worked for a short time, they never really felt right. I have also written books which were surprisingly popular, but in the end these were picked up by pirates and are now to be found either free (though still illegal) or sold as pdf copies for extortionate amounts that I never see anything from because… well they were stolen. So books didn’t work out either. And we used to have a magazine, however the team could not write enough material for it and we kept being let down by other writers, so after a little over 2 years, it folded.

The question became how to best present the lore of the Wyldwood, and yes it does have its own lore, collected from worldwide folklore, practice and, given the very nature of the Wyldwood, different paths to be followed. If books, magazines, forums and social media pages didn’t work, what would? I looked inward to the things that once inspired me and I remembered a website I found around twenty years ago named ‘The Meadows of Elfhame’ which allowed the visitor to click through almost a ‘choose-your-own adventure’ style page, each section taught the visitor something important.

And so a few months ago I began secretly writing the base for what is now known as ‘The Wyldwood Grimoire’ and now for the very first time, I present it to you on the Wyldwood website; not as a download, or a book to be purchased but as an interactive Grimoire to which I will be continually adding new sections, extending articles and offering you an insight into the reasons that the Wyldwood, and indeed Wyldwood Radio exist.

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