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Published by Herne on December 21, 2021

Today is the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice, Yule. This sacred day is buffered on either side by the two longest nights. It is cold, even as I sit here in İzmir on Turkey’s western coast. The mountains here have no snow, the ground has no frost but the air is crisp and cool. Today is a the light is at its weakest and most vulnerable and tomorrow won’t actually be noticeably different. However, there will be an extra two minutes of daylight tomorrow. Gradually, step by step the light of the sun will chip away at the darkness until a few weeks from now, the difference will be noticeable.

Soon the birds will sing their spring songs. In a few weeks the flamingos will pass through İzmir on their annual migration while the geese will leave Britain, both species flying in their famous V formation. Right now the nights are long and the days cold, it can seem bleak and even hopeless but soon everything will feel alive again.

Take today as a representation of your current situation. If this is your darkest moment, look deeply into it and at the very core and you will find a spark of light. When Pandora opened the box, she experienced all the pain, grief and sickness in the world but right at the core she found hope. Even at the darkest part of the year the sun persists. Even if we live in some part of the world where it does not rise today, we know that it is there; physically on the other side of the horizon and spiritually in the womb of the earth mother. No matter how dark things are, there is hope, light, life.

What if your current experience is a good one? The light will grow naturally so for now, rest with what you have.

Today on this blessed Winter Solstice, set aside your fears, your worries, your responsibilities and celebrate. The darkest day has come, from this point things can only get brighter.

Hail the Victorious Sun!

Brightest Solstice Blessings,


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