The Wyldcast! LogoWyldcast! is coming…

…but what is it?

We have received numerous requests for a podcast over the years, and we would really like to produce one, however as we are based in the UK we would not be able to include music in the podcast without paying a rather expensive music broadcasting license. As far as we know, the UK is the only country that requires this license to be able to include music in a podcast.

We have traditionally broadcasted via Wyldwood Radio and so are familiar to audio broadcasting, but we planned something a little different with Wyldcast! and this means that we need to change our format.

Wyldcast! will be our very first regular video cast!  Wyldcast will be available to supporter members as each episode takes a while to create, edit and produce so we need to ensure that we are able to fund the work, currently there are no plans to release the episodes to non-supporters.

What will Wyldcast! include?

We have a whole range of ideas for Wyldcast! including a series on practical Druidry, video interviews, video reviews and in the future, live streamed workshops!

The first edition of Wyldcast! will be released on Friday 31st August 2018!

Become a supporter!

Would you like to support The Wyldwood, Wyldwood Radio and Wyldcast? Please consider becoming a supporter for £3 per month and get access to exclusive supporter only content!

We realise that many people will be disappointed that we will not be producing Wyldcast! for free, but we hope that you understand that we need to be able to raise funds to produce it. And for just £3 per month it’s a pretty good deal!

“Wait!” We hear you say “Does this mean you won’t be producing a music podcast?” For the time being, because of licensing issues, we won’t be, we also don’t want to overshadow all the new material here at The Wyldwood. However, we do still plan to create a podcast in the future, though currently we have no timescale for this.