Cover for Pagan Portals- Hekate by Vivienne MossPagan Portals – Hekate by Vivienne Moss

A beautifully written book by a talented woman, Vivienne Moss reveals the influence the Dark Goddess of Witches has over her and other modern followers in today’s mundane world. The author, a solitary hedge witch, takes the reader on a journey with Hekate revealing her pathway into the unknown towards her own destiny. It is an adventure to conquer her own fears and uncertainties to escape her prison of self-doubt in the Shadow-Lands searching her soul path. It is a personal challenge that can relate to many pagans that feel trapped in the modern nonstop nature of existence.

The reader walks with Hekate through the Gates of Death in search of inspiration to find magic and mystery. Hekate is Vivienne’s divine inspiration whom she meets in her dreams and meditations. She is her dark muse, her inspiration who possesses the essence of creative bliss. For Vivienne, the Queen of Witches is all things in one; the Maiden, Mother and Hag, the Light and Dark, the Sun and the Moon and even Life and Death itself.

I have learnt a great deal about the Classical Greek/Roman Goddess of the Night. The easily read book is a fascinating insight into Hekate presented in two parts. Vivienne draws the reader in with her devotion to the Witch Queen in a journey, an adventure to discover her influences and attributes that will connect to many on the pagan path. Captured by the insight into Hekate’s world Vivienne then reveals some practical uses of ritualistic magic using charged earth and water, powders, bones, various fruits and herbs for spells and magic, enchantments and charms that connect the practitioner with nature.

Join Vivienne and Hekate in the Dance of Life and Death to discover ‘reality’ is only a mere reflection of who we are meant to be and meet others in the Dance of Enchantment.

Review by Scott Irvine


978-1-78535-161-7 (Paperback)

978-1-78535-162-4 (e-book)