Moon Books LogoWe are excited to announce that Wyldwood has partnered with Pagan and Shamanic publishers Moon Books!

You will soon be able to read exclusive content from Moon Books authors, read reviews written by members of Team Wyldwood and Moon Books of titles from the publisher.

We would also like to announce an entirely new selection of upcoming interviews in our new feature WyldMoon Interviews! These will be in various formats including text posts, audio interviews and video interviews!

This partnership is exciting for us and we feel it is extremely important to the Pagan community to create strong bonds between different organisations. Moon Books publishes a fantastic range of books on a broad range of Pagan and Shamanic subjects and from over 70 authors and over 100 writers and bloggers. We here at Wyldwood are proud to support the work of Moon Books and look forward to helping promote their work.

You can find out more about Moon Books on their website at:

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