We have begun adding old interviews and reviews from Wyldwood Radio and the old e-zine Wyldspirit to our site today. We are also adding in artist features and articles from across five of the seven years that Wyldwood Radio has been active. Sadly we have lost access to most of the material from before 2013 and from some of what we had written between 2013 and 2018 due to a broken hard drive, but we hope you enjoy what you read here on The Wyldwood.

Some of the articles, interviews and reviews from before 2017 have been written by previous members of the Wyldwood Radio team and they will be credited within what they have written.

Our interviews are with prominent members of the Pagan community, from bands and authors to artists, Druids and High Priestesses. Our reviews are on books, albums, oracle and tarot decks, camps, festivals and courses. And our articles are on folklore, customs, ceremonies, magic, ethics and Pagan lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy what you read here on The Wyldwood and we promise to keep creating new material for you long into the future!

Bright blessings,

Team Wyldwood