After a gap of just over a year, Wyldwood Radio returned to the airwaves today at 7pm.

We are using a new piece of software for the stream which is working smoothly and seems to have far fewer errors than the one we were using previously. Although we no longer have the functions for track requests, shoutouts or voting, these will form part of the Live shows when they return later this year.

For this week, Wyldwood Radio will only be playing the Wyldwood Radio Playlist, however, from next week The Rock Show and Underworld: The Metal Show will be returning. In two weeks these will be joined by The Skald’s Hall and The Darkened Grove and finally The Electric Ceilidh and The Night wood will enter the rotation in three weeks time.

Live shows are planned but not yet set in stone as we need a new physical location to be able to stream from first.

I wish you a blessed Equinox and bid you a fond welcome back to the Wyldwood!

Bright Blessings,


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