Over the last month our social media pages have been awash with news that our host (Torontocast) has been Geoblocked in the US. Sadly it’s true.

Why has this happened?

This has come about after several streaming giants including Spotify, Amazon, Apple and Google asked US music licensing agency ‘Sound Exchange’ to lobby the US government to stop smaller agencies such as our host from streaming inside the US without paying a further music license. The cost of the license is far more than small companies can afford. Toward the end of 2018 Torontocast was sent a ‘Cease and Desist’ notice declaring that they would have to stop streaming within the US or face legal action.

Torontocast spent the best part of two months negotiating with other providers inside the US who might offer a reduced rate for a coallition, however this has not yielded any results. The closest they got to a deal was with Live365 (Wyldwood Radio’s first host), however they are only licensed for three states and the rates would be far more than we could afford here at the Wyldwood. The Geoblock came into effect on Sunday 13th January 2019 and we sadly do not see an end to it anytime soon.

What is a Geoblock?

A Geoblock is simply a way for a provider to block any connections from a specified territory to their servers. Anyone residing inside the US will be unable to reach Wyldwood Radio or any of the hundreds of other stations on Torontocast.

What can I do about it?

The only thing we can suggest is to get political. Lobby your representatives and ask for them to fight this action.

So is this goodbye for the US?

Not entirely! While Wyldwood Radio is no longer available, you can still access this website and our Youtube account. You will still be able to hear our interviews and more on our site and on Youtube. In fact we plan to bring you even more content this year! If the political / legal situation changes in our favour, we will return with the radio too, but we’re not holding our breath on that!

Bright blessings!

Team Wyldwood